Thursday, 3 May 2007

Fair Game?

The Arabian Travel Market show has been thrilling visitors all week. Oh yes. However, few things have been more thrilling (no, not even the world's first Emirati space tourist) than seeing that weekly tabloid Xpress has run a piece, with no sense of irony whatsoever, on Zimbabwe's new tourist-grabbing scheme. Tourism there presumably needing a boost after all that farm burning stuff which the Western media made so much unnecessary fuss over.

"For the avid hunter there is no better feeling than taking down a lion in the wilderness of an African savannah," the Travel Round-Up piece gushes. Taking down? Taking down? It's got that lovely ring of yo mofo Tarantino to it, doesn't it?

It gets better. The piece quotes Gladys Dongo, Zimbabwe Tourism Authority marketing manager: "Few places in Africa can show you the big five (lion, elephant, water buffalo, rhinoceros and leopard) and even fewer will let you hunt them."

She obviously meant 'take them down in a murderous hail of hot lead and snuff them like the furry scum they are,' but was presumably being polite.

If the piece had you gasping in the face of its willingness to roll out a message that sharply smacks the arse of political correctness and sends it home without tea, the last paragraph will surely make your day. "Non-lethal hunts can also be arranged, where the captured live game can also be transported back to your country."

Very nice work. Should certainly get some good reader feedback...


Gianni said...

Ok, I'll attempt to translate a stupid joke.

Two english gentlemen meet at the club and share experiences from their recent safaris.

"So, Reginald, how did it go, for you?"

"Not bad, ol' chap, two lions, one white rhino and five gazelles. And what about you?"

"The usual: one buffalo, three deers and sixteen 'plidonshus'"

"Plidonshu ? What's that ?"

"You know, those little black animals that jump out of shrubs and yell: Plidonshu, plidonshu !"

alexander said...

That's appalling...

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