Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Golly - it's de little people!

Croikey! We have been tipped off by The Tipperary Voice, which reports on the multi-million visitor website, which has set up a secret Leprechaun spotting webcam in a field overlooking a fairy ring in the Glen of Cloongallon near Thurles in the County Tipperary. Connected through a mobile 'phone, the hidden camera has driven traffic to the point where, last St. Patrick's Day, the site's server manfully tried to cope with over a million page views then crashed. The culprits, apparently, were de Yanks: according to's John Murphy (quoted, you understand, by de Voice), Americans "have a distorted view of what leprechauns are and think that shamrocks have four leaves."

The Internet is a wonderful place.

1 comment:

Samer Marzouq said...

I liked that idea, but I didn't see any Leprechauns :(

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