Saturday, 26 May 2007

New Lows - No. 462 in a Series

Today's New Low comes from the front page, which slops up 'Grilling Without Fear' as its newest question-led invitation to interact with the click monitors. Yes! Yahoo! can show you how to light, maintain and manage a barbecue as well as cook food on it without causing any kind of major nuclear accident, destroying any major cities or, God forbid, undercooking some chicken and wiping out your family.

It's gone too far. Whatever will they think of next? Safe flossing? Coping with that Martini (a guide to drinking a Martini without killing yourself on the cocktail stick)? Walking to the bathroom?

We've got to get over this spate of dumb and redundant questions intended to make us click from curiosity. Does it work? Who knows? Do you?


Anonymous said...

Yes! It works!

Gianni said...


Anonymous said...

I am not curious

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