Thursday, 7 June 2007

Gonu With The Wind

OK. Last crap joke, last weather post.

The bad weather is starting to creep along the West Coast of the Emirates now, with high winds starting to get up in Sharjah. We're expecting thunderstorms on the back of Cyclone Gonu: although they won't be a patch on what hit Oman and the East Coast, they'll be a welcome change of weather after a couple of unusually hot, dusty months.

Meanwhile, another storm is brewing in the UK where the new Olympic logo (above) has caused something of a stir. Having joined the Facebook group for people who don't think very much of the logo, I've been amused to note that the petition protesting it has closed with no less than 48,000 petitioners and a new petition has just opened and is already gaining major traction.

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