Sunday, 1 July 2007


Talking of Al Maha, we found this bad boy in the room when we got back from dinner. With enormous regret, because he had more right to be there than we did, a life-long arachnophobia and a deeply unsettled wife resulted in a swift spider/sandal occlusion. The Birkenstock survived.

Showed the pre-two dimensional spider photo to our guide, who couldn't name it. He thought it was similar to a species of funnel-web he'd seen in the desert. It reminded me of the chap shown below, who was lurking in our outdoor bathroom in Sri Lanka one night. I can't find anything like it online...

Anyone got any ideas?

PS: I really, really hate spiders. I'm talking about the British garden variety, not these monsters - both had a legspan over 5cm.


Gianni said...

don't spiders bring good luck ?
and they eat the damn mosquitoes;
and the cast beautiful webs.

Assassin !

P.S. BTW, are these wings on the right hand side ?

Alexander said...

It was eating something winged and chitinous at the time...

Farrie said...

as much as i love spiderman i hate the critter that bit him! my toes just curled looking at that thing!

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