Thursday, 10 July 2008


Gianni posts a link to this story which I otherwise would have missed. Unlike myself, being of mature years and a more reflective and sensible nature, he declines to comment.

The White House, home to that fine, upstanding fellow George Bush, apparently handed out a press pack to members of the media travelling to the G8 Summit that neatly positioned Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi as “one of the most controversial leaders in the history of a country known for governmental corruption and vice”.

It gets worse. The four page biography of Berlusconi contained in the press pack was apparently yanked from an encyclopaedia without being edited or checked and also referred to Berlusconi gaining his position through his media contacts.

Brilliantly, it went on to highlight his early career: “He earned money by organising puppet shows and making people pay a ticket, he sold vacuum cleaners, worked as a singer on cruise ships, made photographic portraits, and did the homework of other students in exchange for money.”

The White House has been forced into a grovelling apology to Silvio and 'the Italian people'.

You gotta love it.

Meanwhile, in related news, the gravitas and deportment of said Italian premier are here displayed for all to see. A pair of classic Silvio moments:


Pleon said...

except they're impersonators. The italian media were full of "hints" that there apparently are very prurient sections in some of the wiretappings the judges ordered on mr. B for one of his many trials.

While the wiretappings were premubably to uncover misdeeds of corruption et al. the good man apparently talks of some 'very close' relationship with this broad

alexander... said...


You spoila my fun!!! :(

moryarti said...

My old boss at work was an Italian American raised in Brooklyn, NY - he so much reminds of him :)

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