Sunday, 7 September 2008


Has anyone out there realised what a mad month December’s going to be in the UAE? It’s certainly great news for certain teachers I can name: National Day falls on the 2nd/3rd of December (1 day for the private sector), then Eid Al Adha will likely fall from the 7th-10th December. And then the English schools break up on the 18th December!

So they’re getting to work a whole seven days in the whole month! And while they’re swanning around on the beaches complaining about being bored, the rest of us have to negotiate a highly disruptive ‘day on, day off’ month at work.

Grrr. I’ve never really liked teachers...

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She said...

Don't worry , we never really liked YOU either !! :P

No , but seriously , the next time you get the urge to pee - and can actually leave your desk , nip out to the jacks and take natures call - spare a thought for us teachers - we dont have the luxury of satisfying toilet urges during work !

We , in turn , will think of you in your air conditionned office when the beach becomes a tad too sticky around mid day , mid december! :)
See how the world balances out nicely - as always !! :D

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