Tuesday, 9 September 2008


Have you ever noticed how often new things are dug up again? Roads that have just been laid that suddenly have teams of people turning them into trenches, gardens that seem to attract JCBs the second they're established?

Following that trend, the road that stretches from the infamous National Paints roundabout to the delightful seafront mangrove swamps of Khor Kalba, the Mileiha Road, is now being dug up. The road itself is less than ten years old, with the intersection currently overlooking the digging having been completed some three years ago. Why they are compelled to dig it up again is a mystery.

But that's not the good bit. The good bit is that they've been working on the road for months, slowly coming in from the desert and now reaching the road between Sharjah English School and the University City.

Presumably the planners thought it was a good idea to dig up the roads outside a school with all the attendant traffic chaos, misery and increased risk to the kids during term-time, rather than completing this work in the summer months and then doing the desert stretch away from the school now.

Yes, yes, I know. What planners...

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Seabee said...

Come and have a drive around Dubai Marina to see the planners art in all its glory. I've been posting/raging about it for ages - I call it holescaping, they do more of it than they do landscaping.

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