Monday, 1 September 2008


I have a small wish to share for Ramadan this year. And here it is:

I wish that people will just stop a second to think that there are others around them; that each time someone in a car does something stupid, they interpose themselves into someone else's life - an unwelcome guest often carrying an unwelcome payload of injury, sadness and death.

I wish that people will remember that they're fasting - and therefore are more likely to make mistakes and so give themselves that little extra margin of care and extra time; that they think twice and err on the side of caution rather than hurting themselves and others.

I wish that people won't scream home at 180kph because they're late for iftar, driving recklessly as if their very car is a weapon, tired, hungry, thirsty and run down but yet convinced that they are immortal for some reason.

I wish that we don't all have to see as much glass on the roads of the UAE as we saw last Ramadan. And that's not meant to be self-important or smug, about whether someone is fasting or not fasting. It's a genuine wish that everyone will be safer on the roads this year.


Mars said...

very true. somehow people think starving for a day is an excuse to be pissy and crabby. Rather, you're supposed to be even more patient and controlled whilst fasting *sigh*

here's hoping to a safer Ramadan.

Seabee said...


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