Wednesday, 10 December 2008


I thought I'd share something that has really livened up our Christmas shopping.

It's Oxfam Unwrapped.

You buy a gift that benefits a community in need of help somewhere in the world, from assisting olive farmers through to buying a duck for a Balinese rice farmer, training a teacher, improving a community's water supply or a number of other things that will make a difference to someone who needs help more than we do.

And then Oxfam sends your friend/family member a card (or e-card) explaining that you've given them something perhaps a little more special than just the usual gift of something that, if they really wanted, they'd buy themselves.

I know you'll all think I'm being soft in the head, but I rather thought that it was all more in keeping with the spirit of the thing.


Abu Dhabi Blogger said...

Absolutely NOTHING soft about that. Oxfam is doing a great job of helping people around the world and I firmly believe that it is our obligation and duty to help such people. Zimbabwe needs attention right now. The AED 400 we spend on a meal at the Shangri La can pay for hundreds of water bottles for people there. I am a regular shopper of Oxfam, as I believe all of us white-collar workers should be. Buy goats, books and grain seeds. These are much better than a Mont Blanc pen or a Boss suit. And yeah, shopping at Oxfam should not be seasonal! It is ridiculously easy for people like us to spare US$ 25 a month on books for an African child.
Regular shopper on Oxfam

Rose in Dubai said...

Fantastic! I'm on to it now! This has got to be the very best way to annoy my obnoxious spolit brat nieces! Buy them a goat! Just wish I could be there to see their faces!

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