Tuesday, 2 December 2008


In the first of a series, "Writers Discuss the Future of Publishing", London-based journalist and writer Lauri Shaw talks to a stellar cast of writers and publishing industry figures about the future of publishing.

You're getting where this is leading, aren't you?

Yup. Yours truly joins a panel of people with a great deal more experience, savvy and general wit about them in an interesting article that starts an exploration into the future of creative writing, novels and fiction in general.

I do sneak into some very odd engagements, sometimes. Don't ask me how...


the real nick said...

Is this discussion for writers who discuss the future of publishing or writers who discuss how to get published in the future?


alexander... said...

You'll have to click on da link and read it, young Nick!

Any discussion on how to get published in the future would take place without me. Because if I knew how to do it, I'd be doing it - not talking about it! :)

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