Monday, 12 January 2009


Every morning I connect my laptop to the wireline network in the office. For some reason I can't get wireless to work at work. Every evening I go home and connect to my wireless network. My not at work network works. With one tiny little 'issuette' every time I use it.

For some reason I have always equated Windows Vista to the voice of Barney the Dinosaur. You know that, 'Heyyy, li'l buddy! Let's have some fuuun!' voice.

So every evening, I'm delighted to be told, 'Heeeyyy! Li'l buddy! I don't see no network! You want I look at the proooblem for you? Huh? Huh?'

I have no option but to press 'yes'. Although I know all too well what the problem is.

'Heeeyyy! Li'l buddy! Lookin' for your problem. Hang on tight! Here we gooo!'

Sigh. I know what comes next. Wait as reassuring colours swoosh on the screen.


Heeeey! Guess what? I found your prooobleeeem! Your wireless is switched off! Wow! You want I switch it on for you?'

You switched it off without asking me, you fatuous purple bastard. Yes.

'Cool! I switched it on for you and, guess what, I solved your prooobleeem!'

I hate you and want to see you eviscerated slowly using a blunt, rusty fork.

So the cartoon above really cheered me up no end. I do commend to you following the XKCD site, wot is where I got this cartoon from, daily as it consistently rewards. Thanks to Eliot for the tip!


Mars said...

the cartoon made my day.

the real nick said...

ROFL!!! brilliant.

Don't I hate that imbecile patronising "windows office assistant" that look like a paperclip

rosh said...

haha! Vista sucks! All those new ads in America ain't helping. Hope vista clowns at Microsoft are listening.

Keefieboy said...

I actually won a copy of Vista (Ultimate Cretin Edition) in a competition organised by Etisalat and M$, but the fucker wouldn't install on my old laptop because it said I had to have Windoze XP SP2, which of course I did.

I recently left the dark side and bought a Mac.

Qatar Cat said...

Laughed out at work during an important management meeting (while being connected to the office wireless network).


No, really, ROFL.

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