Monday, 26 January 2009


I'd just like to say that the Emirates' Identity Card website thingy appears to be working and I've just used it to book two appointments for myself and Sarah. They're both at Rashidiya in April, because Sharjah is apparently booked all year, but I'm not complaining. They're both on different days, too, because there were no contiguous appointments, but I'm not complaining. And the system just wouldn't buy a family application for two people, but I'm not complaining.

Now we can go an use the new and enhanced application application.

It looks as if it might go right this time. The site's here. I even got a text from them confirming the appointment a few minutes after I'd completed the form.



Tainted Female said...

"Now we can go an use the new and enhanced application application."


Shalini said...

That's great!

I'm really not sure what to do, since we filled the form and submitted it to the Post office in Qusais to get a "smart form". It's meant to be done in 3 days, but we still haven't got ours in over 2 months...we turned in the form on 10th Nov. I've been told that I should not start the process again by the post office people, but the ID helpline people have no clue how to tackle this at all. There's been no news in the paper about this issue at all.

Anonymous said...

Thank you.... managed to get an appointment in May!!!!


Bush Mechanic said...

Some of my colleagues with families are making one appointment in their own name and turning up at the single appointment with wife and children. This saves a second trip and seems to be acceptable to the ID card people.

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