Thursday, 18 June 2009

Paris Hilton Dumb? Hell No!

It's going to be a long, hot summer, people. Not only do we have the tide of infinite-eyed yellow evil to contend with, popping up all over the place ready to embrace us in those little open arms (so that it can tear our throats out and feast on our livers), we've got a localised outbreak of Paris Hiltons.

Ably assisted by a number of drooling morons in our local media, Paris is going to be spending the next three weeks wandering around Dubaii looking for her BFF - Best Friend Forever. This has, somewhat predictably, polarised opinion. A number of people think that it's really amazing (huge, even) that she's here. A number of people are neutral or perhaps even mildly disgusted. And a large number of people are spitting bile at the shallowness of it all.

Chaque a son goute, as they say.

But Paris Hilton is a girl who knows how to create a brand, starting of course with Brand Paris - a global celebrity bandwagon that was launched on the back of the Internet success of a sleazy video. Her squeaky, valley-girl catchphrases (Everything's so, like, amaazing, huuge and hot) and outre dress sense have, hard as this might be to believe, been adopted by millions - including the good women of Latvia. She's famous and, as a result of that fame, she's wealthy - the Hello Kitty of celebrity.

She told media yesterday, mugging with Arabesque jewellery and dresses, that she wants to explore more Brand Paris, including perhaps a club or hotel. Well, we've got the Roberto Cavalli Club, why not the Paris Club?

She also told them she wouldn't discuss money. "That's tacky," she said.



the real nick said...

infinite-eyed yellow evil

I thought that was a good description of Paris herself!! (given that yellow dress in the photo)

By commenting about Paris Hilton at length rather than more justly ignore that abominable celeb slapper, and by virtue of being a fellow twit-ter, are you not jumping onto "that bandwagon", too?

Sorry, I forgot, it is a, whatsitsname - social commentary, yes?

who is said...

She does indeed kinda look like Modhesh in that pic LoL!

who is said...

(evvn without the photochop, natch)

who is said...

And whatever you think about her, she makes Andy Warhol look like a lumpy, wiry turd.

rosh said...

Perhaps she'd do one of those 'home / hotel' made videos whilst in the UAE? Err..what do you think BFF 'truly' stands for people? Best F**k Forever, of course.

Whose brainchild was it to have this slut visit (now what has become) the slut city?

Anonymous said...

but she's so much fun to hate - we'd have to invent her if she didn't exist, as they say

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