Thursday, 30 July 2009


Found a funny one on SiteMeter today.

If you search Bing for "fujairah car accident", as some poor searcher did today, you get referred to this image (among others), linking to this:

You also get a page of strange things including a picture of the crucifixion. Honestly, take a look here.

Google? You're safe, boys. You've nothing to worry about for a while yet... Yahoo? You got bilked, boys. Bilked!

BTW, this picture of a fake plastic chicken is a popular landing site on this blog as the marvels of SEO seem to indicate this is a particularly highly ranked fake plastic chicken picture. It was taken by pal CJ to demonstrate why he's a PR and not a photographer...

1 comment:

Beznarf27 said...

Yup...gotta say that your fake chicken brought me to this site... I was looking for "Stretched Chicken" for something that I was writing about making free range chicken go further and BAM here I am! Looks like a winner...maybe you should use more fake chooks on your in every single post and you will soon be right up there with the top sites! ;)

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