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Customer (Alexander McNabb) - 08/02/2009 05:58 PM
Once again - the email you sent to me has a link to a page on the Corel site that just displays 'null' - responses to the email bounce back. It's very, very frustrating trying to respond to you people - with the constant reminder that if I don't manage the impossible, getting through to you, you'll close the support question ticket in 72 hours and so waste all the time I have had to invest in this issue.

I fixed it in the end by myself, both the issues with Corel Photopaint and Corel Videostudio, by booting the apps while holding down the F8 key to roll back to the default user space. Both apps are now working.

All that effort reinstalling apps and deleting registry entries, when cleaning the user space did it.

Maybe a first try gambit next time around.

Response (Robby) - 08/07/2009 11:59 AM
Dear Mr McNabb,

The direct link to reply which displays Null is a known issue. You should reply by going to the support site. Other emails not coming from a support personnel is an automated one which you can just ignore.

To close this support ticket, please go to My Stuff at or simply do not reply to this support ticket.
Kind regards,
Corel Customer Support

"The direct link to reply which displays Null is a known issue." - Every damn email Corel Customer Support sends to its customers from one of its laughingly titled Customer Support Representatives (you'll see from the above that he was no use at all) contains a link with the words "To access your question from our support site, click the following link or paste it into your web browser.” That link is broken, forcing you to go navigating their website to track down your issue.

And yet they continue to send the broken links out to customers!! Because, presumably, if it is a ‘known issue’ then it can’t be a ‘problem’!!!!

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Derrick Pereira said...

Why would you use such an awful program? Corel anything is a big NO. If it's cost vs Photoshop there are so many others out there - GIMP, Paint.NET, Photoshop Express...

KJ said...

Why not remove it from the auto response, or at least indicate the proper procedure?

I like it how he replied matter-of-factly that you should have done this and that, as if it is by intuition!

alexander... said...

Derrick, I've been using Corel since Corel Draw 1.0 came out - so long ago that I used my Gulf News column to plug it - and that was at least 18 years ago!!! At the time it was the only decent object-oriented package for the PC and the fact that it had a photo editing program too was SUCH a bonus! In those days I used to have to go to output bureaux in Dubai with my PC in the back of the car to hook up to the RIP because everyone in graphics had Macs. I was the only person in the Middle East, it appeared, using a PC to do graphics and page makeup!

So I find it really, really hard to shake the Corel habit. It's not cost - it's old sock syndrome! :(

Derrick Pereira said...

Fair enough, know what you mean about hanging on to comfort software... as long as you're not still using that 286 from 18 years ago ;)

Oussama said...

What were you thinking Alex a known issue is not a problem, it is known my boy. Customer support with a twist

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