Thursday, 3 December 2009

Independence Day

UAE flag with bird on postImage by KhanCan via Flickr

Watching the slow procession of cars honking their way down the Ajman/Sharjah corniche last night was a real treat. We live virtually on the beach and so it was almost as if the parade was put on for our benefit. There were the usual suspects: the guy who'd covered the car in stickers, the balloon lovers and the cars draped in the green, red, white and black UAE flag, strips of flag-coloured cloth hanging from windows, handles and doors. Then there were the loonies, the guy who'd painted his white car with green, red and black patterns and the guys who'd paid for total wrap-around jobs, windows showing the leaders of the UAE or Sheikhs Zayed, Khalifa, Rashid and Mohammed.

Horns tooting, waving crowds of them all driving up and down the corniche for the evening, a blissed-out bunch of happy people celebrating. Earlier in the day, we'd seen an Emirati woman wearing a flag as a sheila which was a first for me.

Given the week's vicissitudes, it was all nice to see.
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aimee said...

Warm & fuzzies all round - it was all good to see. I particularly enjoyed the display of Emirati dancing in Dubai Mall, mainly because of the older guys seriously rocking it (they were getting in to the grooove bigstylee) and the younger teenagers getting terribly embarrassed by mums taking pictures. People really are the same all over.
Happy National Day!

KJ said...

And I was part of that parade in Mamzar. Felt awesome!

Oussama said...

I have been here since the 25th national day. But this is the first time that the reserved Emaraties really showed how proud of their country and heritage they are.

Rose in Dubai said...

Oh right, so proud that they left knee deep litter all over Beach Road. That's real pride in your country.

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