Thursday, 4 February 2010

Beirut, Beirut!

We are, as my niece would say, 'one sleep away' from GeekFest Beirut and I have to confess to being a tad excited. The building blocks of tomorrow night’s event would appear to be, in as much as they’ll ever be, in place and it promises to be a fun-packed evening of diversity, deep thought, art and expression that is going to be utterly fascinating!

The GeekTalks are starting at 8pm in Room One and include:

The Quality of Disintermediation
A millennium of disintermediation, how technology is challenging the world to change
Alexander McNabb

Creative Commons
Naeema Zarif, Maya Zankoul

CEDRO Sustainability projects in Lebanon
Elie Abou Jaoudeh, CEDRO, UNDP

Our Relationship with Information, past and present, personal and business
How information has evolved and its effect on personal self-expression and business communication.
Ayman Itani,, LAU

What the F'UX?
User experience presentation. Using an everyday object to reflect the online UX and a simple guide to build a good ux. Room 1 The Talks
George El Khabbaz

At the same time in Room Two, there’ll be a rolling digital photography exhibition by photographers Fady Nammour, Toni Yammine, Lara Zankoul and Mherigo Krikorian. Alongside this, there's a TechnoCase going on from GeekFest early adopter Nokia.

At around 10pm there’ll quite possibly be a 3D film presentation by Isaac Belot at followed by an exhibition of Ten Devil Woman and other work from leading Lebanese artist Joumana Medlej. The evening’s last, but by no means least, ‘happening’ will be an auction of a prototype sketchbook from Joumana's Malaak comic series in aid of @lebfunraising..

Huge props to UNorganiser Alexandra Tohme and to the many people in Beirut who came together around this event in a remarkable collaborative effort. I just know this is going to be very cool.

Oh! And thanks to the lovely website hosting folks Moodeef.Com!

GeekFest Beirut takes place at Art Lounge in Beirut on the 6th February 2010 - you can follow @GeekFestBeirut on Twitter, Facebook or mess around in the Google Group.

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