Wednesday, 24 February 2010

GeekFest Update

Well, GeekFest 3.14 (Geek to the power of Pi) is just around the corner and things are developing faster than boomtime Dubai.

Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo
Not only the longest correct sentence in the English language to use a single word, but also a eight-times repetition of the company putting on of one of our two TechnoCases - Buffalo Technology. They'll be showing the external and NAS storage and wireless stuff wot they does. Alongside them, we have a last-minute surprise here come the cavalry entrance from company wot needs no introduction Microsoft, who'll be sharing some enterprise social media coolery that they wanted to get people's views on.

Oh noes! Gamers!
This GeekFest will see the first GameFest, a fancy phrase for a group of slavering lunatics punching game controllers and keyboards as they get set to frag, blitz and otherwise existentially challenge each other over a networked games setup around 'the big table' at The Shelter. I think this is going to end up being something of an ongoing feature but I think we can all put up with them if they promise not to make too much noise and drool too much. I can also see this developing into a standalone activity, but let's see what happens!

We're delighted to have Faisal Khatib join us at GeekFest. Professional photographer Faisal will be showing his work on the screens at The Shelter and will be there to talk imagery and associated wonderment. Alongside this one-night showing, The Shelter is also hosting The Portfolio Project, curated by Bidoun, an exhibition of the photography of Yasmin Mohammed. On top of this, we're planning to muck about with some graffiti stuff like last time. It won't be announced, it'll just sort of be happening.

Detailed here, these are attracting a great deal of attention, so remember it's up to you to make sure you've got a place in the theatre at The Shelter for the talk you really want to see!

We'll be having our Pi and eating it in celebration of the 3.14 theme - so if you don't like pie, eat before you come! :)

The GeekFest Brand Identity Image Thing
The fancy GeekFest Twitter page, posters, logos and stuff were designed for us all (Dubai, Beirut and now Amman) by Lebanese designer and general sweetheard Naeema Zarif. It's just one of the many ways in which regionalising GeekFest has changed and expanded the event and made it, IMHO, better.

GeekFest Dubai 3.14 (Geek to the power of Pi) will take place on the 25th February 2010 at The Shelter in lovely Al Quoz (This is da map!). It'll start around the 7.30 mark or whenever everyone turns up. The talks start at 8-ish. You can do the Facebook thing, follow @GeekFestDubai on Twitter or just pop back here nearer the date for more information. The second GeekFest Beirut takes place on the 30th April 2010 (follow @GeekFestBeirut for info - website is - and watch this space for news on GeekFest Amman, which is likely to happen sometime in March!!

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Dubai Photo Story said...

Is there any specific schedule for all of those activites. As in.... the Artstuf thing.... do we have time set for this? Don't want to miss it in hell!!!

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