Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Information Overload

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You could perhaps feel sorry for Dubai's RTA (Road and Transport Authority) faced as it is (and doubtless many other such authorities around the world) with having bought huge, wildly expensive traffic information screens that flash up bitty messages using LED technology. Given the relatively low resolution of the screens, they are only able to show a couple of lines of text - although they are bilingual, which is a good thing.

Someone at the RTA has the unenviable task of thinking up messages to post on the things and there have been signs recently of a certain tendency to surreal, Situationist-like sloganeering. The most recent, giving way yesterday and today to an Arabic only greeting for Sheikh Khalifa (who has just returned to the UAE following medical treatment), was 'SCHOOLS WITHOUT ACCIDENTS'.

That one's stayed with me. What could it mean?
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EyeOnDubai said...

Probably a close relative of the old cautionary sign posted outside many schools "Beware children"

i*maginate said...

You beat me to the post! HAHAH

I think it's a philosophical statement. It made you think, didn't it. See my point?

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