Monday, 14 March 2011

Bankers - A reprise

I think we might get into an iterative link loop here, as this excellent piece on the maladroit gibbering gumboils over at HSBC by the Kipp Report links back to this very self same blog. But hey, don't let that stop you nipping over and enjoying a rattling good read about other peoples' experiences with the bank that likes to say 'Ugh', or noting the large and growing number of Facebook likes etc etc.

I enjoyed doing this little blog search and reading the results. Their wee ears must have been burning over the years...

In related news, I have man-flu and so it's a miracle I've posted anything at all this week.


Mich said...

Salamtak... Hope you feel better :-)

Gerry said...

hope you're feeling better.

hsbc uae is a monstrosity. it makes the indifferent customer service I'm used to with u.s. banks look like unbridled luxury.

it's difficult to understand how they stay in business... until one considers that the alternatives in the uae won't be markedly better. that's depressing.

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