Saturday, 16 April 2011

Best Burger Bullies Blogger

And you thought that every restaurateur in the Middle East learned a clear lesson from the awful public relations disaster that was triggered when the fools behind Benihana Kuwait decided to try and bully Kuwaiti blogger Mark '2:48AM' Makhoul into retracting a blunt view of their restaurant? Think again.

Omani blogger Omani Cuisine reports receiving an email threatening legal action after posting the unflattering review of Best Burger linked here for your listening pleasure.

The Benihana disaster represented a new low in Middle East media freedoms at a time when we all watched the new highs of Tunis and Tahrir. Let's just hope that the bullies at Best Burger fast come to realise this is not the way to go if you don't want a great deal more unwelcome attention and opprobrium than the original post would have generated - particularly if it had been taken - in the spirit that blog posts are almost invariably intended - as valid customer feedback!

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Sarah Walton - The Hedonista said...

funny - I would not call that a scathing review, at least the review would not make me decide NOT to go there. The action taking by Best Burger would however... When will they learn?

Interesting figures that Mark 2:48am put up on his blog the other day - he got more publicity out of Benihana's actions than he did out of a CNN report saying he had one of the key blogs in the region.

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