Monday, 12 September 2011

GeekaFest Cometh!

GeekaFest 'One for the Girls' is to take place at The New Shelter in Al Quoz on Thursday the 22nd September. I've been there a couple of times now and I have to say I'm excited. The building is quite, quite mad - a wooden barn constructed inside a warehouse!!! It's a fabby space, ideal for GeekFest and a significant upgrade from dear Old Shelter.

The 'One for the Girls' theme is mainly down to the nature of the GeekTalks - all four talks will be by wimmin - more details soon. We're dreaming up some other stuff, so any suggestions, volunteers or brilliant schemes are more than welcome! There's loads of space at the New Shelter, so we can accommodate most madcap schemes!!!

GameFest will once again be powered by LochalArchade and the good news here is that the New Shelter has a much bigger area with lots of power sockets and seats to support an expanded scheme.

We also have rather grandiose cupcake plans, but the LimeTree will once again be providing of its finest!

There's also a dedicated workshop room and we'll be using this to host a series of workshops on small business technology, part of an ongoing scheme of workshops that Shelter has dreamed up, being run by Bon Education. If you'd like to run a workshop, do get in touch (@alexandermcnabb on Twitter is probably best!) - we're looking at three 45 minute sessions aimed at helping people to implement websites, build better SEO, monetise activism and other impossible things to do.

Where IS the New Shelter, you ask? It's behind Al Tayer Motors in Al Quoz - you basically turn right before you get to Al Tayer, left to head towards the Third Line Gallery and The Courtyard and hang a right just after you pass it - take the next right and turn into the warehouses directly on your right. There's a one way system inside the compound, so follow that to the end of the first alley, turn left and then turn left again and the Shelter is on your right. See? Simple!

Don't worry. We'll work on a map.


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Where can I get more details about the event in terms of timing, detailed agenda etc.



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