Sunday, 16 October 2011

Ancient Geek Reprised

A stylized replica of the first transistor inv...Image via WikipediaI had reason today to look back over the series of 'Ancient Geek' posts I put up a couple of years back and I quite enjoyed them. In the unlikely event that you would feel similarly, here they, arranged in chronological order for your viewing pleasure.

Ancient Geek
Encounters with punch cards and HP mainframes.

Ancient Geek V.2.0 (Beta)
How to crash IBM's MAPICS software running on a System 3X minicomputer

Ancient Geek V. 2.11 (Service Pack 2)
Making sweet music using the Apple IIe.

Ancient Geek V.3.0 Professional Edition
How I ended up working for Tandy/Radio Shack and getting sent to Saudi Arabia...

Computers certainly have a lot to answer for...
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