Sunday, 23 October 2011

Shiny Satisfaction Survey

ModheshImage by Tracy Hunter via Flickr"Hello. I'm calling you from Dubai Ltd. We're conducting a satisfaction survey. As you likely know, 82% of customers are happy with according to Khaleej Times and we just wanted to know if you're satisfied with your Shiny too."

"Well, as you mention it..."

"That's great, well thanks for your feedback, we'll just add you to the 'totally delighted' column and then we won't need to bother you again."

"But I didn't say I was delighted with my Shiny."

"But you are now, aren't you?"

"Well, actually-"

"See? I mean, who could want for more, eh? Sun, sea, sand. The cooler weather and dusting off the barbecue, the woman of your dreams at your side and an iconic lifestyle where you can dare to dream and come back for more."

"Well, yes, but-"

"Secure and safe, well paid, fat and coddled in a nice warm cocoon of feelgood. So well off you'd almost feel guilty about whingeing about the downsides..."

"True, but..."

"Look, I tell you what. I'll put you down as "pretty delighted".

"What are the other categories?"

"Umm, fairly delighted and delighted."

"And what about rising visa costs, greedy developers sucking me dry with insane maintenance charges, negative equity and an electricity bill that defies quantum physics?"

"We've got Modhesh. Brand equity like that doesn't come cheap, me bucko. Come on now, time is money."

"Sigh. Put me down as delighted then."

"Nice to talk to you. 'Till the next survey, then."

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Sphere Events said...

unlike you to have a type on your post! "Faily delighted"!

Sherif Abaza said...

I don't know why it posted as Sphere Events... but I changed that now.. you know who it is :)

alexander... said...

What typo? I see no typo! We deny rumours of any typo!

There are no typos on this post! How dare you accuse us of creating typos!

alexander... said...

BTW, there was a typo on your comment about typos.


Sherif Abaza said...

hahaha...Irony? who/how -what's the difference?

alexander... said...

"unlike you to have a type on your post!"

Capital U to start a sentence, 'typo' not 'type'.


Luke said...

I read this tonight and the word "shiny" came to mind:

Kindleberger’s model of 'Manias, Panics and Crashes' has an event starting with “displacement” – a change in investor beliefs. The next step is credit expansion; then comes eurphoria; next is crisis – where prices level off, there is a period of financial distress and there are moves to increase liquidity. Finally as the distress persists, “the rush to cash becomes disorderly”. The “spell cast on the public’s imagination in stage one and strengthened in stages two and three now breaks”. Then we get the final step: “revulsion” – the bit where the “former object of speculation is now derided as an embarrassment”.

alexander... said...

That's pretty deep stuff! The Revulsion of the Shinies - coming to a cinema near you soon! :)

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