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The Emirates ID Card Moves Online

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The Emirates ID Card was launched in 2008. Now, in 2012, we are to see the application process for the card implemented as an online form. Launched initially for UAE nationals only, the online application will be rolled out to UAE residents and GCC nationals in the 'next two months'.

This latest in a long line of announcements, many of which have been followed by clarifications, is potentially the most welcome (and useful) of all.

Gulf News, reporting on the move, focuses on the cost saving to applicants (you save the Dhs30 typing centre fee, so the card will cost you a mere Dhs240 instead of Dhs270) rather than the saving in travel, waiting, queuing, shuffling around from counter to counter with a pile of papers and general messing about involved.

Although, as is so often the case, there's a whiff of sulphur invading the clear air of paradise - Gulf News' story (linked here for your viewing pleasure) contains the line, "Online applicants can print out their receipt which will mention the appointment to visit an Emirates ID registration centre."

Of course, an online application process would involve filling in a form, uploading copies of any documents required, paying any fees online with a credit card and then having the card mailed to you, wouldn't it? It would be insanity to have people filling in the forms online and then having to make an appointment to physically travel to an Emirates ID registration centre and queue to have the application reviewed and the card issued to them in person. Nobody in their right minds would implement an online process like that, would they?

I should perhaps remind you that this announcement comes from the people that gave us the application application, an online application that allowed you to fill out and print the application form required to make an application for an appointment to make your application.

We can only await the usual clarification...
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Anonymous said...

To be fair, though, since the Emirates ID Card requires you to give scans of your fingerprints, palm prints and side of hand prints (yes, really) there will always inevitably be a need to actually physically turn up somewhere....

Inshallah it will be done tomorrow said...

Alex, how long have you been here? When anyone applies for a Saudi visa then have to do both online and offline. It's not going to be different in the UAE. There's a love of paperwork in this region, especially from governments.

A question which needs to be asked is why UAE/GCC nationals first? If you're a GCC national here would you even bother to get a UAE identity card? I can't imagine many GCC friends, family and colleagues rushing to sign up if they live here. Bahrainis have had ID cards for years, a card that is valid for use when entering and exiting any GCC country. Why would they want a second card for and from the UAE when the one they already have is valid and legal identification in the UAE.

As usual, more questions than there are answers.

Seabee said...

My money's on the clarification saying that you'll need to apply online for an online application which you can print out and which will allow you to do what you've always had to do - which is to go to an office in person.

Terry Collmann said...

Here in HK you can fill the form online, but you still have to print it out and take it to the Immigration Office inoperson - but they do need to take your thumb-prints. On the other hand, the whole process takes less than an hour, and it's free.

Grumpy Goat said...

Here in Qatar, the ID card is an automatic part of the Residence Visa process. For Qataris, it acts as an intra-Gulf passport, and for all the new ID cards (the ones with the embedded chip) it's an e-gate card for use when passing through Doha Airport.


mani said...

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unJane said...

Best description of the process ever. I had decided if they wanted me to get one, they'd have to come to my front gate and ask nicely. As it happened, I managed to leave for good in October '10 without ever needing it or complying. Felt like a bit of a victory.

Anonymous said...

hi. ihave question... do the UAE id card hand print have connection with emegration handprint??

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