Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Birthday Cake
Birthday Cake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
It's the Arab Media Forum 2012 today. So what? I hear you mutter.

Well, this silly little blog was born five years ago during the Arab Media Forum 2007, with this post in fact, 'Lebanese Takeaway'. The eagle-eyed among you will spot the post was, in fact, dated the 24th April rather than May 8th, but that's a minor detail. It's the Arab Media Forum Calendar rather than the precise date we're following here.

For the benefit of anyone wot gives a hoot, this here post on how to speak Arabic in ten words is the most popular thing I've ever posted here and the post still gets a smattering of hits every day from people searching for "What does Akid in Arabic mean?" and similar queries. It means you're never going to see that shipment, mate. That's what it means.

I'm mildly amazed I've kept it going this long, to tell you the truth. I started out originally because I missed writing and was in an 'in-between' phase with the nasty book writing habit. That and I was getting increasingly interested in digital media at work and had been experimenting with Wikis and other online things. I had a mild dislike for the 'anonybloggers' of the time and felt quite strongly that if you had an opinion, then you should have the guts to express it openly.

In all this time I have never been cautioned, 'yanked' or otherwise approached or pressured by any entity, government or commercial. This has also been a source of mild, if pleasant, surprise - and a glance back at the archives tells me that I have on occasion been more intemperate on occasion than I recall today!

Anyway, there it is. Thanks for dropping by and for wiping the handbasin when you've finished for the convenience of other passengers.

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Devina Divecha said...

Yay, here's to another 5 years :)

Macthomson said...

Congratulations! Always a joy to read your posts.

Mich said...

Yani, how times goes by when you're having fun.
Mabrouk ya Alex and to many, many more posts at the Souk -- fake, plastic or otherwise :-)

Susan Kaiser said...

Congratulations Alexander! I only recently stumbled onto Fake Plastic Souks, and I thoroughly enjoy reading it. Here's to many more years.

a-hem said...

Congratulations! Here's to many more! :)

Side note: Read this post and remembered that you'd mentioned something similar about Amazon cutting the price of "Olives." http://pandodaily.com/2012/05/05/nobody-seems-to-understand-what-jeff-bezos-is-doing-does-he/

Oussama said...

Mabrook , I had a lot of fun reading your blog and helped me start mine. So Shukran, and Akid the next 5 years will be just as fun filled as the last.

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