Monday, 1 October 2012

Beirut - An Explosive Thriller

Michel Freij is poised to become the next president of Lebanon. The billionaire businessman’s calls for a new, strong regional role for the country take on a sinister note when European intelligence reveals Freij has bought two ageing Soviet nuclear warheads from a German arms dealer.   

Maverick British intelligence officer Gerald Lynch has to find the warheads, believed to be on board super-yacht the
Arabian Princess, before they can reach Lebanon. Joined by Nathalie Durand, the leader of a French online intelligence team, Lynch is pitched into a deadly clash with Freij and his violent militia as he pursues the Arabian Princess across the Mediterranean.  

Beirut – An Explosive Thriller sweeps through Lebanon, Hamburg, Prague, Malta, Albania and the Greek Islands on its journey to a devastating climax...

Well, you can now go here to the Beirut - An Explosive Thriller website and buy the book.

You can get either a printed book from amazon or an ebook to fit any reader device. Many people have expressed a desire to buy several copies and this is something I would heartily encourage.

Beirut is the book that landed me (finally) my very own literary agent. Friends and family had to put up with at least a week of me answering any given question with 'speak to my agent'. I admit, I'm hard to live with. Tragically, the book was subsequently rejected by editors at fourteen major publishing houses. That was the point where I decided to self publish my books - having previously resisted the idea robustly.

I am very glad indeed I took that decision, the past year has included many milestones, but the reception my first book, Olives - A Violent Romance, got from readers and reviewers alike was a wonder to me. I can't pretend I'm not worried about how Beirut's going to go down - I'm munching keratin. But that's all part of the fun.

In the meantime, I'm off down to favourite haunt Billy Blues this Wednesday to celebrate. You're more than welcome to join me - there won't be any readings or even any books. Just some pals having a few drinks and perhaps indulging in the guilty delight that is the Blues Platter. The Twitter invite thingy is linked here for your RSVPing convenience.


Anonymous said...

Hey! I just bought Beirut!

I loved Olives so much I just grabbed it.

Grumpy Goat said...

Gerald Lynch again, eh? I took a dislike to Mr Lynch in Olives and would be interested in finding out if he's really the slime-ball I take him for.

Is Beirut in the shops?

Alexander McNabb said...

On amazon, Mr Goat, in both print and Kindle. Or Smashwords for other readers (iBooks et al coming soon).

No local retail edition currently planned!

Drew Steedman said...

Busy reading Space at the moment. Thoroughly enjoyable. As a result bought Beirut for my Kindle.

Oussama said...

Just downloaded Beirut. I still want a signed copy

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