Thursday, 15 November 2012

Book Post - Beirut Launch Talent Unveiled!

How about if you took your book and gave extracts of it to four very different types of performer to interpret and deliver as readings - as they see fit? How about you were lucky enough to have friends and friends of friends who knew people who were acknowledged talents in their very diverse fields of performance, but all of whom used language, cadence and rhythm in what they do?

An actress, a rapper, an orator and a poet will deliver readings from Beirut - An Explosive Thriller at the launch event on the 1st December 2012. Dana Dajani, apart from having 'that name', is a recognised acting talent - I defy you to view that linked clip without a tingle making its way up your spine. Rapper Jibberish is another talent fast going places, while Kevin Simpson, educationalist and orator is a man who certainly lives up to his billing. Frank Dullaghan provided Lynch's Irish accent at last year's TwingeDXB when he kindly helped me launch Olives - A Violent Romance - here he is, unfeasibly, reading from his work at the White House.

Four very different voices, four very different styles and a set of performances of readings that combine a neat mixture of sex and violence. What more could you want? Come on down!
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