Thursday, 28 June 2007

A Nasty Green Day Habit

My old mate Ra’ed Bilbessi was very taken by a phrase I used in one of those columns I used to write in Campaign Middle East. Every time we meet now, he reminds me of the ‘Green Day punk thing’.

The actual phrase was embedded thusly: “Sadly, the chances are that right now you’re probably doing just that – dreamily looking up at the ceiling and thinking about a world where there were no advertisements, no clutter: just green fields and trees, butterflies and innocent children laughing as they play in the sunlight. Get over it. Those kids are PS3 playing surfpunks with a nasty Green Day habit, 8gig Nanos stuffed with ripped MP3s and a blog about picking your nose or how to off your siblings.”

If you’re incurably curious, the full article can be found here.

So leaving the house this morning and finding that someone had been at our wheelie bin rather caused me to crack up. This picture’s for Ra’ed - NOW you know what I meant about those damn kids!! :)

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