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Unknown said...

I really need your help please on the following:
I live in Dubai and am self publishing my book via Amazon and all other medias.
Now the problem that I am facing is that to self publish in amazon you need to register your account number, NI number for tax purposes.
my dilemna is that: am British Lebanese, I lived and worked in UK, I have my National Insurance obviously but I don't have a UK account number since I was travelling to many countries I just closed my account there!
In Cyprus I have an account but not a NI number!
Is there a way from Dubai to register with Amazon , I have an account and I work in Dubai, as you know Dubai is a free tax country so no NI number.
Please help me on this, I feel like am stuck, my book is ready and nowhere to go.
I really appreciate it, and thank you in advance

Alexander said...

Hi Dede

Publishing to KDP, you can select the US and pay US tax (30% withholding) and don't need an NI number.

There is no link, incidentally, between the domicile of your account and an NI number, so you can use a UK NI number and lodge funds in a Cyprus bank.

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot Alexander!!

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