Saturday, 30 June 2007

I Get My Kicks On Route 66

Route 66 in the UAE is the Dubai-Al Ain road. I'm not sure it's quite what Chuck Berry had in mind, but I guess you have to make do, no?

Just past junction 50 on the Emirates' version of the long desert highway is the chill-out delight that is the Emirates Al Maha Resort, the first desert eco-resort in the UAE and still the best desert-de-luxe experience of all. Process-driven fun-free hotel zone Jumeirah opened its 'Bab Al Shams' desert resort as a second player, but it's nowhere near the quality experience of Al Maha: we've been popping in to Maha for a day or two of expat long weekend bliss-out for many years now and it never fails to delight, although there's a certain amount of negative pocket movement to be taken into account.

The good news is that they do a half price summer offer for Skywards members and you can also swap those airmiles for a night there - I'd rather do 24 hours of luxury than an upgrade to Heathrow, to be honest. Literally, it's a 24 x 7 decision!

Their network was down, hence no posts for 48. Too busy wallowing in luxury. Sue me...


DXBluey said...


So is the Maha worth the dhs denting? Having done the Babs a few times, is it worth stepping up to the Maha level?

How much Oryx action do you get?



Alexander said...


Personal pool, smashin' rooms (you get to 'em on golf buggies) two-man bath (Bulgari bathstuffs) all meals supplied, excellent food, camel rides to dune-top fizz sunset and other tourist stunts laid on, staff that actually want to help and have a generally guest-centric attitude.

And all the Oryx you can eat!

Step on up!!!!

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