Sunday, 1 July 2007

Fake Plastic Chicken

It's not that pal and colleague Carrington has posted up a rubber chicken for auction on Facebook. It's not that he took the trouble to photograph the damn thing. It's not even that the bird-flu resistant rubbery piece of poultry is known to form part of a massive collection of totally useless things because Carrington collects useless things.

It's the fact that the item in question has so far gathered 57 views and already attracted two offers. If this success continues, I'm going to put my Acer Promotional Stone up for auction.

(PS: I've just realised where he got the damn chicken from! Unwanted gift! I'm hurt!)

1 comment:

Carrington Malin said...

Thanks for the plug Alex! I've had over 75 hits now, you'll be pleased to know, although I had hoped for more (afterall there are 35,000 people in Facebook's UAE network!).

However, the rubber chicken advert has so far generated more interest than the Mitsubishi Pajero ad posted before it (currently at 10 hits) and the Ferrari Enzo ad (37 hits).

However, it looks like real Cocker Spaniel Puppies win over fake rubber chickens, since that ad's got double the response.

I feel a whitepaper on consumer behaviour coming on...

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