Thursday, 10 July 2008


The ADNOC queues go on and on and on. But the whole 'we're selling fuel cheaper than anyone else' binge appears to have caught up with them. The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company has been using private tankers for some time to shift the massively increased volumes of diesel it needs to distribute to meet the demand for fuel that's Dhs10 a gallon less than other outlets.

But this seems to have led to new challenges: all through this week my local ADNOC has had 'no special'.

There are two grades of fuel sold by local petrol stations 'special' (low octane) and 'super' (high octane)*.

And special is off the menu, it would appear. So I've been paying 50 fils a gallon more at the EPPCO station down the road...

*Thanks to the Dubizzle reader that fixed this! :)

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