Monday, 6 October 2008


You saw it here first. This is Emirates' new Terminal 3 building, opening on October 14th and featuring lots of lights and steel and things. The Terminal includes Concourse 2, an area of lounges, spas and retail outlets that is equivalent to 120 football fields. How DO those pesky PRs do their football field calculations? It's always so many football fields of this or swimming pools of that!

At least it'll see an end to the misery and chaos that currently greets weary travellers at the over-packed and construction-riddled terminal one.

Be interested to see if this release from EK cuts through tomorrow's slew of iconic lifestyle enhancing dare to dream announcements... Any bets?


Keefieboy said...

That's a sexy-looking building.

Mars said...

change of address:
That will explain everything.

Rose in Dubai said...

Actually if you look at it from a distance (like driving over Garhoud Bridge) it looks like a big fat dead caterpiller!

Not sexy at all!

alexander... said...

'Big fat dead caterpillar'

OH, the lack of RESPECT!

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