Sunday, 2 November 2008


The sandy snicket that provides daily relief to hundreds of 4WD owners dragging their sorry asses between Sharjah and Dubai was blocked over the weekend. Piles of sand, cones and tape and trenches have been placed across the open areas of sandy hillocks between the two emirates. Many people only found out about it on their way in to work today. And golly, was the result impressive or what!

The whole area was reduced to a scene of the most marvellous chaos you have ever seen in your life. Cars all over the place, more stucks than the Gulf News Fun Run and an incredible, huge collection of frustrated, pissed-off people bashing about in an area of increasingly churned-up, soft sand.

So that's a couple of thousand more cars joining the daily car parking fun on the Ittihad, Emirates and Dubai by-pass roads. I can't see what harm they were doing using the snicket, but who's to question the unseen hands that have decided to cut the short cuts?

There's no chance this had anything to do with me outing the guy from the RTA who uses the snicket is there? No? Oh, OK. Good. I wouldn't want that on my conscience...


Omran Alowais said...

Thats silly, I am wondering whats next to break.
Just checked, some guys had made a new opening.

alexander... said...

Yeah, there a couple of ways through. But golly, what a mess!

And now they've blocked the National Paints roundabout. So the whole area's chaos!

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