Wednesday, 17 December 2008


Around about now, a fund-raising run started at Dubai's Safa Park, opposite the co-op.

The training run is being led by blind runner Katie Newitt, the first blind person to complete the Dubai Marathon, and co-runner, Rebecca Janaway.

Proceeds from the run and activities around it will go to helping pay the rapidly escalating hospital bills of British expatriate David Nicholson, who remains in a coma in intensive care following his cardiac arrest three weeks ago.

David, father of five and loved by all who know him has dedicated much of his life to working with and helping children. He has lived in the Middle East for the last 26 years, formally in the Royal Marines and latterly as a freelance PE teacher.

Crippled by arthritis for the last eight years, he was unable to afford health insurance. He is now faced with huge medical bills. If you know David and want to make a contribution to cover the cost of his care there is also collecting box at the Bookworm bookshop in the Park n’ Shop car park, off Al Wasl Road. Anyone wishing to contribute in any way should please call Susie on 050 5595270, email:

Why is he not at Rashid Hospital where care is free? They do not have, and do not anticipate having, a bed for him.

Don't get sick, people. Don't get sick.

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rosh said...

26 years in this place, and they don't "have" a ****** BED for this man!!!! Extend a bed you cowards. It's Eid, Christmas and New Year's, people.

I shall reach out to Susie.

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