Sunday, 7 December 2008


A rather jolly little Facebook group has started to protest Emirates' smashing new policy of revoking business class lounge access for Skywards Silver and gold members travelling from its new, dedicated Terminal 3.

Why? Because the sparkly new lounges they bashed on so much about when they were launching the new terminal are 'too busy' apparently! So now all those nice, loyal Skywards frequent flyers are sent down to the old lounge in Terminal 1!!!

How potty is that? Thanks, Emirates! Join the Facebook group here.


Mockingbird said...

This reads like an edition of "You couldn't make it up!" So glad to see that insanity permeates the corridors of power in other countries too! I was starting to think that the British were alone in this sort of stupidity.

Mars said...

ah dubai. i'm only in skywards to get free tickets and upgrades when mum can't get me freebies (she works in emirates).

Mr Hobnob said...

To pinch that turgid Mr Branson's mantra, I have vowed as a bona fide Gold card Skywards member since inception that from the dawn of the New Year it is: "EK, no way."

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