Tuesday, 16 December 2008


The majority of the online Arab World will play this game today.

Mark my words.

It's here.

(You have to be impressed at the sheer speed of this!)


Abu Dhabi Blogger said...

It HAD to come sometime! I love the web! And it will not just be the Arab world... :)

Keefieboy said...

Eeh, that was fun. I wish there was a 'force' control though.

rosh said...

It's insulting and hypocritical, as much as it's funny! I've lost much respect for most in the Arab world. A president represents an entire nation, especially on foreign visits . Bush may not be the brightest, however he's heck a lot more than all those trash at helm of most Arab nations.

Most idiots in Arab world seem to forget how America and it's army saved our asses and our future from tyrants like Saddam. Most blithering pea brain idiots seem to forget Saddam and kin's brutalities toward their own people!! Perhaps they need to hurl shoes at self - for citizens killing citizens in the name of religion, for not taking opportunities of freedom and whatever form of democracy to help build their nation.

Sorry, on the rant.

the real nick said...

hear hear, rosh!

you are right on all accounts, but it still was fucking hilarious!

The Sandman said...

Here are some great .gif files that people have put together in the few days after the shoe incident: http://www.buzzfeed.com/expresident/throwing-stuff-at-bush

Also, I've just started a blog that's a bit about me, and a bit about Dubai. Check it out if you want:


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