Thursday, 11 December 2008


I have often referred to that most marvellous of newspapers, the leviathan Gulf News, as a 'weighty tome' or a 'multi-kilo wodge'.

It looks like that's changed. Today's GN was so light in the hand that I thought it had been home baked by the legendary Mrs Gleeson of Ballybrista.*

Being a little bit of a picky bear, I thought I'd take a look at a few past copies and see what's been going on around here. And so with the help of a micron-accurate scientific weighing instrument (a Dhs19 scale from Lal's) I was able to track back a handful of copies from the last couple of weeks. And this is what I found:

26/11 1300g
30/11 1200g
1/12 1000g
3/12 800g
11/12 690g

I draw no conclusions here. I merely present the statistics.

*Mrs Gleeson lives around the corner from Sarah's homeplace in Tipperary and cooks cakes and pastries so light that they float away. She does this using a massive iron Aga kitchen range that looks like you'd only really be able to roast whole cows in it, but somehow she conjures up amazing things from the monster.


sabaza said...


Cracked me up...

Never thought I'd look at it that way, thought we've always talked about the advertising dead weight in the UAE, particularly in the GN daily!

"GN forced into a diet" -

Advertisers spending cut has forced daily GN into a diet that has already cost it 50% of it's weight in less then 2 weeks.

Some of my friends who've been following diets for year's would love to get their hands on that prescription!

Abu Dhabi Blogger said...

GN is losing weight along with real estate, the most advertised industry here.

The Wizard of D said...

Hey I noticed that too.... except I haven't been able to convert that to kilos.

The appointments section seems to have lost the most weight... also the freehold section!!

Good for the poor delivery boys!!!

He said...

HAHAH, just the other day on The Daily Show,

"What's black and white and completely over?"

comedian, joking about the decline of the newspaper industry

Mars said...

less advertising? but surprised it weighed over a kilo before. perhaps they realized it made it difficult to swat annoying people being all heavy and all.

rosh said...

Signs of the times!

rosh said...

Despite such substantive evidence, GN shall parrot, DXB real estate is all swell & dandy!

Dave said...

Hmmmm .... has the Khaleej Times gone the same weight-watchers way?

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