Sunday, 4 January 2009


I do love Muscat. It sort of tumbles around between the foothills of the Hajjar mountains and the Indian Ocean, dotted with palms and swept by the cool Winter breeze flowing in from the uncertain sea; it's clean and neat, strangely and yet comfortingly similar to the coastal towns of the Eastern UAE. If, like me, you've just spent a day touring Kalba, Fujeirah, Khor Fakkan, Biddaya and Dibba with relatives, you'll instantly recognise Muscat as being cut from the same cloth.

Today Oman played Kuwait in the GCC Cup (the 19th such tournament, if you don't mind. I'm here working for a client on campaigns hung around that self same contest) and managed a nil-nil draw. Which didn't stop the city's youth taking to the streets in a massive teddy-bear hugging, beeping process of cars festooned in Omani flags and streamers that jostled on into the night.

Grief, but what are they going to get up to if they actually win?


the real nick said...

..what are they going to get up to if they actually win?

Fat chance.

But it couldn't be worse than what goes on on Jumeirah Road when Al Wasl scores a goal. Once a year.

alexander... said...

Oh no! A screaming mob! Run nick!

He didn't mean that, folks. It's not his fault. It's Tourette's!

rosh said...

Nah Nick. Omanis are waaaaay more docile :)

"Kalba, Fujeirah, Khor Fakkan, Biddaya and Dibba ...Muscat as being cut from the same cloth"

Spot on Alex! The towns are the real deal.

alexander... said...

Rosh, you should be in Muscat right now... docile? They're gripped by football madness over there and anything could happen - including, I'm told, a very real possibility of football crowd style misbehaviour!

rosh said...

Aww Alex, yes, your right. Close cousins at Ruwi/Muscat share similar sentiments.

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