Sunday, 18 January 2009

Yes we can!

Does anyone know who's trying to block the desert stretch between Dubai and Sharjah? It's really most odd that anyone would go to these extremes just to stop a few people in 4WDs taking a short-cut.

As I've mentioned before, there are extensive earthworks out there right now that look more like trench warfare than a few hundred yards of sandy snicket - ditches and high piles of sand interspersed with a huge number of concrete barriers that stretch for kilometres along the Sharjah side of the border. Every day someone finds a new way through, every day the JCB moves in and either piles huge heaps of sand or dumps a few more concrete barrier blocks on it.

But we're still getting through. For now. It's become a source of perverse satisfaction to beat 'em, to tell you the truth...

1 comment:

Seabee said...

It could well simply be the builder. They seem to be able to close roads, build barriers, dig holes anywhere at will without any advance notice, police involvement or signage.

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