Tuesday, 31 March 2009

The Klazart Exploit

You'll have probably read my post on the 'Klazart Exploit', the gaming of Harper Collins' authonomy peer-review writers' site by Starcraft commentating YouTube uber-geek Vineet Bhalla.

If not, it's here.

The most excellent Lauri Shaw, a princess amongst women, has now interviewed Vineet about who he is, why he did it, what he thinks about it all and where he thought it would take him.

The interview's here and I do recommend it as a Web 2.0 case study, a piece of interest to anyone who has a view on authonomy or writing and as just a neat adventure story.



fleagie said...

Thought the Q&A was very interesting, cogent and thoughtful answers from a man who has clearly been heavily involved in quite an intense experience.

Idea of limiting number picks probably the most interesting - seems to highlight the issue of social media politics (if you can call it that) and the balance to be struck with achieving the seeming objective of the site i.e. to find works of merit (tho the cynic in me feels it is more like good PR for HC).

The Sandman said...

This is off topic, but that link you posted on Twitter about seeing The World from space is pretty cool. It's pretty funny that the only landscaped island in The World is Greenland

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