Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Relaxing the 30 Day Rule - Good and Bad?

It's funny how two journalists can listen to the same speech or panel session and get two completely different takes on what went down. I guess you'd put it down to 'finding the angle'.

Gulf News listened to Dubai's Department of Economic Development chief economist Raed Safadi and came away with a story that Dubai's strategic plan is under review and that 'Everything has been put on the table, the stimulus package and policies - with one aim, to safeguard jobs."


The Kipp Report came out of the session with 'Dubai Government 'may' review 30 day cancellation policy'. They also quote Safadi as saying that everything is on the table, but add him saying 'nothing is taboo.'

If the 30 day rule is eased, a lot of people will breathe a significant sigh of relief and a great deal of experience and knowledge of this region could potentially be retained. A great deal of misery would be avoided for thousands of families.

Of course in this post-Klondike era the yahoo financial services types, the vendors of quack remedies, card sharps, good-time girls and real estate sharks would also get to stay on for longer, too.

But you can't have everything...


Seabee said...

I seem to recall this being reported a few weeks ago, quoting official sources.

In reality many companies are already allowing fired employees to stay on their visa for up to three months to give them a chance to find alternative jobs.

sanjay said...

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