Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Atishoo! Oink!

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The celebrated SeaBee makes the excellent point over at 'Life in Dubai' that we now have a 'clarification' of the original announcement that the UAE was banning pork products as a result of concerns regarding Swine Flu.

As SeaBee reports, quoting ArabianBusiness.com : "There is no decision to ban pork meat products," said Majid Al Mansouri, secretary-general of the Environment Agency and member of a higher committee responsible for combating the flu.

Someone forgot to tell our local Spinneys. The Ajman branch has taken the whole damn lot off sale and closed the pork section.

Luckily I have already taken the precaution of buying several freezers worth of 'the special stuff' and installing a number of large industrial freezing units, some advanced cryogenics, a backup UPS and generator and a flat-packed nuclear shelter as well as a significant amount of stockpile-protecting firepower.

We're alright, Jack. But how long will it be before the original ban, the reversal of the ban, the decision to ban the ban and the unbanning of the ban will be is anyone's guess.

Meanwhile, the linkage between ze mal de cochon and the transport, handling, storage, processing and consumption of 'the special stuff' is of course denied strenuously by every health authority and expert in the world.

Life in the Gulf. I have always loved it. I suspect I always will...
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Media Junkie said...

great. no more turkey bacon, which isn't pork btw. but put in the pork section because its 'bacon'.

Keefieboy said...

Well done UAE Government, performing as expected: junior person with small authority level, takes the initiative and announces a ban. Expects promotion. Massive public outcry over stupidity of said ban. Senior Minister has to go to work and clarify situation. 'There never was a ban.' Junior person sacked.

Will they ever learn, I wonder.

Seabee said...

MJ, I've never noticed it before but I saw Beef Bacon in the pork section of Waitrose this morning. Beef doesn't come from begs any more than turkey does so obviously the word 'bacon' confuses the issue.

Alex, I bought some very nice bacon and ham at Waitrose this morning, although the ham selection was looking a bit threadbare. I suspect that maybe there is a ban on new imports so your stockpiling was probably good planning.

Keefie you'll love the updates I've posted on the property visa announcements and clarifications.

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