Monday, 27 July 2009

Little Gem

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You might have seen that a company is to turn a lock of Michael Jackson's burned hair, scooped up after the infamous Pepsi commercial accident, into a diamond.

If not, you can read the whole scoop here.

The website of LifeGem, the company proposing to undertake the transformation of a dead pop star's burned hair into a collection of valuable, limited edition diamonds (an undertaking that is, I am sure you will agree, in no way sick or macabre), is well worth a visit. It had me in helpless heaves for oxygen, blinded with tears and snivelling as if someone had tased me then hit me with a powerful dose of mace.

The homepage kicks off well:

The LifeGem® is a certified, high-quality diamond created from the carbon of your loved one as a memorial to their unique life.

I was already giggling like an idiot at that. The carbon of your loved one. Nice. But it got better. A lot better. The FAQ had me hooting (instructions on how much of your loved one to send are included. In case you're interested, one cup of loved one should do it), particularly when they take great care instructing potential clients not to send all of their loved ones.

But LifeGem's Precious Pets service, here finished me off. I was down for the count, helpless and moaning in pain by this point.

Please go there. It will make your day and you will all love me more for having shared.
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Mai Abaza said...

A special treat for Alexander's loyal readers: this is a video of him crying tears of laughter, when he discovered the LifeGem.

Media Junkie said...

that is creepy...

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