Sunday, 5 July 2009


This is my Twitter on Paper. I'm oddly proud of it.

It's not actually on paper, it's via JPG, but it's part of the same project by the deliciously oddball New York designer Sam Potts. The idea was to send people a paper version of Sam's Tweets on request. No money or other emolument required, a simply one-way service that made selected Tweets enduring and gave them permanence (Tweets are not archived beyond 48 hours).

It took off so quickly and widely that a JPG based overseas service was introduced. I got in there just before Sam got overwhelmed by the sheer volume of requests for this very strange and almost completely useless Twitter-based service and had to stop providing Tweets made permanent on request.

Is this art? Is it rock and roll? Is it promotion?

I'm not entirely sure...


Doug said...

Does that mean 'Spanish Bombs' by the Clash is the greatest song ever written?

Rupert Neil Bumfrey said...

"Certain sites—such as the blog Secret Dubai—are banned, while others, including the equally critical Fake Plastic Souks, are accessible."

alexander... said...

Very kind of the Epoch Times, but it's mildly insane to put FPS and Secret Dubai in the same league!!!!

simone said...

my tweet-on-paper isn't half as good as yours!


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