Friday, 6 November 2009

Be My Guest

the yearImage by Robb North via Flickr

As you may know, I have a number of friends dotted around the globe who are writers. Most of us are supplicants, although as I mentioned before a couple are revolutionary collectivists and suchlike. However, I have watched with delight as one of our number has been picked up by Australian publisher Hachette and slapped with a two book deal.

Phillipa Fioretti, for it is she, is having her first book published next year. The Book of Love is to be followed by a sequel which she is currently working on.

In a remarkable lapse of taste, she lent her blog to me today and I have repayed her hospitality by making a mess and confessing to a number of particularly bloody murders.

You can read the guest post here. On any other day, Pip's blog is a mixture of insightful and though-provoking stuff on art and writing and it's a great read and I do heartily recommend popping it on your reader.


Oussama said...

Read your drivel there, nooooo just kidding, good writing.

Susan said...

awesome music :-)

Mita said...

I didn't know you wrote about killing. I love stories about killing and you sound like you are on a spree! Whwere do I get Space and I definitely want Olives when its done.

Oh alright, please then.

Phillipa said...

I do let these questionable types with their murderous urges lounge in my blog space occasionally. It's a big mop-up once they've moved on, body parts everywhere and just a faint echo of a deranged cackle - then good taste and erudition return and all is calm and right with the world.

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