Sunday, 21 February 2010

GeekFest Cometh

GeekFest Dubai is happening this Thursday, the 25th Feb at The Shelter in Al Qouz. Titled GeekFest 3.14 (Geek to the Power of Pi), it promises to be a fun evening of stuff, including pie (of course), a TechnoCase from Buffalo Technologies and some random arty stuff as well as a chance to hang around and chat to fellow minded online people. We've only got the one TechnoCase because the other two confirmed verbally and then decided not to do it at the last minute, meaning that nobody else got the chance. Thanks for that, chaps. If anyone does want to do a TechnoCase on Thursday, we've got space.

The stars of the show, as always, will be the GeekTalks - once again four talkers will share insight, viewpoint and erudition in equal measures. This time around we're staggering the talks a little so that we don't get so many of the usual "I couldn't get a seat in the cinema all evening" complaints, so there'll be two talks starting at 8pm and two starting at 9pm. We'd like your views on that arrangement and are totally up for changing it to something everyone thinks is more sensible!

The GeekTalks

Do you need a business plan? 
Rabea Ataya

Entrepreneurs are continually told to create a business plan as the first step in preparing for success.  When is a business plan a valuable exercise? When does it lead to the failure of a business?  What are the requisites to a useful plan?  How have the most successful businesses in the world risen to the top without business plans?

Rabea Ataya is the founder and CEO of and is passionate about promoting entrepreneurship and youth employment in the region. He got nominated by Dan Stuart.

Islamic Pampers Design
Mohammed F. Al-Awadhi

In his presentation Mohammed will be touching upon topics that are part of people's daily life. We will see how Islam plays a major role in peoples lives and how changing the design of pampers targets certain people. He will also answer some questions that come in people’s minds in regards to Emarati looks. 

Mohammed Farshid Al-Awadhi is an Emarati architect and entrepreneur. He has established 2 companies, Toolz technical services and KZA Architects. He is also president of the MBA Club in the American University of Dubai and is one of the board directors of the Architectural Association of UAE [AAUAE]. He got nominated by Omran Al Owais.

Student Radio
Muhammed Ali J (better known to many as @maliZOMG) & Ritesh J

Between the both of them, Muhammed and Ritesh have experienced the entire private education system in the UAE, from prep school to their undergraduate degrees. In this time they noticed how, more often than not, students were not taken seriously or given the opportunity to grow. Ritesh & Muhammed Ali will share their thoughts on an online radio station, broadcasting for students, student issues and student life in the UAE. We’ll also get to hear a little bit more about their pet project ZOMG! Inc. They got nominated by us.

From FAIL to Fame &Back Again: Random Adventures in AmazingLand
Susan Macaulay

Susan Macaulay (aka AmazingSusan) is a wannabe geek and creator of amazingwomenrock, a website for amazing women and those who appreciate them. A quirky rebel with a cause; passionate about #PINK, womens' issues, learning and life, Susan stumbles around blindly on Twitter and Facebook bumping into cool people, ideas, and stuff. Has so far managed to avoid a major crash. She'll be talking about the amazingwomenrock project - where it came from, where it's at and where it's going! Susan got nominated by us too!

GeekFest Dubai 3.14 (Geek to the power of Pi) will take place on the 25th February 2010 at The Shelter in Al Quoz. You can do the Facebook thing, follow @GeekFestDubai on Twitter or just pop back here nearer the date for more information. The second GeekFest Beirut takes place on the 30th April 2010 (follow @GeekFestBeirut for info - website is - and watch this space for news on GeekFest Amman, which is likely to happen sometime in March!!

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Mita said...

Some very interesting talks. I know its unorganised but what time do they start so I know to grab a seat. I don't think the floor is going to help my old bones!

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