Thursday, 11 March 2010

GeekTalks up!

The first GeekTalks are up online, thank's to official GeekVid girl, Areeba Hanif (@MyBigDayFilms on Twitter). Areeba's done a great job putting these together - particularly as she had to face filming the talks with no space, bad access, crappy light and no sensible solution for her to get lights etc set up. She didn't crack a frown all through!

If you'd like to pop along to Vimeo, you'll find that we've set up a lovely profile for GeekFest Dubai 3.14 and will be posting GeekTalks there in future. You'll find it here or you can see the vids from GeekFest Dubai 3.14 on the Facebook fan page here.

We've used Vimeo because, for a small sum, we can host big video files and manage them effectively - and you can embed them anywhere you want. So do feel free to share!

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